NL Therapy Services
Home Care Staffing

Our Services Include:
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Arthritis Program
Bed-bound Patient Care
Movement / Flexibility
Resistance Training
Pain Management

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About Us

NL Therapy Services is a privately held company located in Richardson, Texas. It is run by professionals with over 30 years of business experience and over 15 years of work in physical therapy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer unmatched therapy staffing solutions for home care providers and reducing many of the hassles associated with working in home care therapy. We aim to make the process more efficient for both the home health agency as well as our therapists.

Home health agencies need paperwork that is concise, accurate and submitted in a timely manner. NL Therapy Services meets that need with the processes it has adopted and continues to enhance. sOne of those processes includes verifying therapy notes before they are submitted to the home health agency. Charts and notes are audited in an effort to catch problems before they reach the agency. This helps reduce billing errors as well as problems with visit frequencies, which can ensure that the correct number of visits have been performed for each patient.

New Leaf understands the importance of timely paperwork. All paperwork can be delivered personally or couriered to the home health agency office.

Another way in which we are already making the process more efficient is by adopting a universal set of forms that are concise and easy to fill out for therapists. At the same time, we are also making sure that these forms meet all of the Medicare guidelines.

What We Expect Ahead

New Leaf is also working developing New Leaf TherapyManager, a web-based documentation system, that will allow instantaneous submission of documentation, online referral management, real-time access to case information and visit frequency monitoring. These and other features of New Leaf TherapyManager will make the case management process more efficient.

NL Therapy Services